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YouTube Has Given People A New Opportunity To Make Money

After being heavily criticized by users, YouTube has provided users with a new paid channel subscription option. Speaking to a foreign news agency, the chief product officer of YouTube said that the revenue generated by Google comes from advertisements, which will be our target.

According to the chief product officer, we should think about other things besides the revenue from advertisements;

YouTube users should get more opportunities and facilities to earn more money. Channel subscriptions on YouTube will cost 99 4.99 per month, after which they will be given exclusive access to other options, including live streams, extra videos and the ability to shoot on the channel. Must have 100,000 subscribers.

The company says that with the new changes on YouTube, users will be able to sell garments, mobile casing and other items on their channel. This increase was seen by YouTube due to competition with other sites in the market. In recent days, YouTube has faced stiff competition from other video sharing sites. According to YouTube, it has 1.9 billion users worldwide, but only those who sign in with their account are included in the number.

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online:

The firewall was introduced to the Internet in February 2010, and today the website is one of the largest in the world of Micro Jobs, offering small jobs or unique offers for $ 5. Can attract buyers. Many young people in Pakistan have made hundreds of dollars by making interesting offers on this website. Apart from skilled and unskilled people, women who do not work outside the home, school and college students have created free accounts on this website. You can get jobs here, and if you have a unique idea in mind that can attract others, you can make good money without much effort.

If inexperienced people start making money from the internet with this website, they can easily make their place. There is no chance of deception and fraud. You don’t have to clear any kind of test, to start working on Firewall, you have to create your account on, the method is very simple, go to the website and click on Join. Yes, and follow the instructions, there is no fee to create an account on the Firewall.

Firewall can provide various services, such as logo design, audio, video transcription, article writing, proofreading, translation, Photoshop editing. Word Press can solve small problems, and so on.

Procedure to Create Account on Firewall:

The first step in creating an account on the Firewall is how to tailor your services to attract as many people as possible. To introduce our services we have to create a gig, in gig we write, what will we do for $ 5, which will be designed by a logo or banner, write your gig description in clear words, the kind of standard don’t offer less of your work or make a claim that you can’t fulfil. Most people are attracted to this gig, which has a video on display. The title of your gig should be such that it attracts people. We can also promote our gig through various social networks if we wish.

Levels of account creation on Firewall:

People who work on Firewall rank based on their qualifications. There are three different levels of Firewall. When we sign up, we get a basic account, in which we can create five GIGs and get projects up to $ 325. It is not necessary that you be limited to only a $ 5 project, the amount of work is negotiated with the client, the more work there is, the more the compensation should be received accordingly. If you are active on Fire for 30 days a day and during this time you manage to get 10 orders with your hard work, then you get Level 1. Those who work at Level 1 can make ten gigs, and take on projects up to 00 1,500. To get to Level 2, you must have completed at least 50 orders in two months and have a people rating of 4.5 or higher on your work. Level 2 Seller has the facility to make fifteen gigs.

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