Why Thousands of Women Are Giving Up On High Heels and Putting On Sneakers

In Medieval Asia, there was a “cute” tradition of wrapping girls’ feet in tight bandages to stop the growth of their feet. This lead to thousands of different injuries and health issues. Do you think that anything has changed since then? Employers often require women to spend at least 5 days a week wearing shoes that deform their feet. Yes, we are talking about high-heeled shoes. But the good thing is that today, women are pretty much ready to give up on wearing high heels and go to the office or to a social event wearing sneakers.

We at viral link tried to find out what is happening to the modern shoe dress code right now. And you know what? We’ve found something interesting.

Are women against high heels?

First and foremost, women have stopped agreeing to deform and injure their feet just to conform with society’s beauty standards.

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