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Why Do People Risk Their Lives to Put Videos on Different Social Media Platforms

Posting Videos on YouTube:

After all, why do people risk their lives to put videos on YouTube, behind it is the dollar, that is, there is a cycle of dollars, how much money is earned on how many views. YouTube has different rates for each country, your video has been watched by one million bloggers, and so you can earn two hundred to three hundred dollars from it. That is about forty thousand rupees. This will increase the number of videos and also the money.

Watch the Video and Make Money:

Also, as long as the videos are watched, the money will go up. That’s when prank and comedy videos make more money, because it’s not fun without watching the whole video.

If your video gets views from USA, Australia or India, you get more money on one view. That means three dollars for a thousand views and three hundred dollars for a million views, as well as YouTube has divided various categories including comedy, action, tech reviews.

Videos are your own, and it doesn’t matter if there is violence in the video. Most importantly, the option to make money opens only after you have a thousand subscribers on YouTube. YouTube’s most popular video, Gang Nam Style, has grossed over 7.8 million so far.

Instagram Users Will Soon Be Able To Enjoy The ‘Gaming Platform.’

Social networking site Instagram is gearing up to introduce Snap chat-style gaming platforms to its users. Social networking sites send messages, photos, videos and files, as well as offer a variety of games to keep users interested, which is very popular among young people.

How do You Monetize Snap Chat:

According to research, the most popular social networking site among the youth is Instagram, which has surpassed Facebook and WhatsApp in its popularity. Decided to launch the form. Instagram sources say that the steps for the new gaming platform are being finalized, and will probably be available to users in one to two months. These gaming platforms will be similar to Snapchat games.

On the other hand, Snapchat has also decided to launch another new gaming platform after the popularity of its gaming platform last year. That being said, Instagram gaming platform will be a copy of Snapchat, but this can only be confirmed when the platform is launched.

Here’s how social networking sites use gaming zones from a single platform to maintain their uniqueness while maintaining their uniqueness. Consumers are also eagerly awaiting this new change.

No Changes To Instagram Feed Rankings:

Instagram did not change the post feed ranking; users’ posts are not being hidden.

According to the details, a post has gone viral on social media, claiming that Instagram will promote only 7% of the users’ followers. The post has been circulating on social media websites Pinterest and Facebook, claiming that Instagram has banned Post Reach.

Instagram Has Denied The News On Its Social Networking Site Twitter:

Instagram has said that users are given a reach based on the interaction on their post. All users’ posts are given a full feed; people who have followed them can scroll so that all posts can be viewed from start to finish—no change in feed ranking.

Facebook Is Set To Become The World’s Largest Cemetery:

With 8,000 Facebook users dying every day, by the end of this century, Facebook will become the world’s largest cemetery, with more profiles of the dead than profiles of the living. Facebook is one of the social media platforms. There are Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Reddit and countless other websites that have millions of users. More than 2 billion users use Facebook. WhatsApp 5. 1 billion, WhatsApp 1 billion, and 336 million people on Twitter.


Social media users spend most of their time on these websites. Some of them have become accustomed to it, the heirs of social media users say, that digital or social media companies should give us access to the accounts of our loved ones after the necessary data.

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