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What Are DNS Servers, And How Do They Work?


Just as every home has an address, so every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address, without which this computer cannot be reached through the Internet. When we want to access a website on a computer (The webserver), we also need an IP address, whether the computer is in the same city or in another corner of the world. Because remembering the IP addresses of different websites is not applicable to us humans.

What is Domain?

Therefore, for the convenience of the users, the facility of giving a name to the IP address of each website has been provided on the Internet. This IP address of any website is called a domain. The websites we visit daily. If their names were not in the English alphabet, we would have to provide the web browser with the IP address of each website.

Function of Domain Name System:

The primary function of the DNS Domain Name System is to store information about any domain and to provide this information upon request. For example, when we enter the address of the desired website in the browser, the browser sends a request to a nearby DNS server, that I am sending the English name of a website, give me its IP address. ۔ So, the DNS server finds this name in its records. If he finds this name in his record, he sends the IP address of this website in response to the browser’s request. If the DNS server does not have this record, it communicates with another server like itself. The following image illustrates this process.

What is Word Press?

Simply put, Word Press is a piece of software that combines PHP web programming language and MySQL database to create a Dynamic website. Understand that if anyone wants to build their own small website or a multinational company has a huge dynamic website, Word Press, the cheapest but also the free and easiest resource on the Internet. This book explains in detail all the steps to create a dynamic website on Word Press.

Website Basics:

Students should know that the website has some rules, regulations, and rules. Basically, every website includes the following. HTML language, CSS for web page beautification, and if the website is dynamic, then any server-side programming language like PHP or ASP.

The IP address associated with the domain name may change as needed. For example, our website is on a web server, and we move our website from there to another web server for some reason, so now we need the IP address of the new web server. Have to be associated with the domain. In other words, when we change the hosting of our website, there are DNS servers around the world that have a record of our domain. They remove the old IP address and associate the new IP address with our domain. In all such DNS servers, it may take up to two days for these records to be changed.

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