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Things Every Facebook User Should Know Before Making Any Business Account

The popularity of Facebook Business account is not hidden from anyone. Everyone enjoys using Facebook day and night for business Purpose. While various companies are using Facebook to promote their products, many negative elements are also active on Facebook. We have a lot of people who keep being stupid on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user, let us tell you the most important things you should take care of while using Facebook.

Facebook Never Pays Anyone For Any Of Your Activities:

Messages like this have passed through your eyes, that this child is sick, if you like him, the money for his treatment will be given by Facebook. So know that your liking is not beneficial in any welfare work. It’s just a matter of increasing the readership of a few Facebook pages, and nothing more. There is no truth in giving or receiving money for such sharing. They used to say think before you speak, now think before you like and share.

Game Invitation is Risky:

Sending a game invite can be a scissor for a Facebook relationship. Send game invites only to those who play or those who are close enough to tolerate such messages. Otherwise, if people don’t come and delete you, then at least they will definitely add you to this group, with whom they have very little to do.

Don’t Believe The Content Posted On Facebook:

Anyone here can share anything by writing or designing some kind of image. So if you see a hadith, then confirm it, there is a health tip, then confirm before the doctor.

Tagging Is Actually Breaking Your Own Security:

Some people attach pictures as evidence that the woman had taken vitamin C pills. As a result, her nose bleed. In fact, it is a photo of someone injured in a demonstration. The friend you tag in the photo. All her friends are able to see that picture. This way your personal photo goes beyond the reach of your friends, and if a friend’s friend shares it further, the series goes on.

Always Be Cautious And Moderate:

Expressing too much emotion on Facebook limits your friend’s list. If you make extreme comments on a political, social, religious topic, people who disagree with you. You will become suspicious. Therefore, it is better to always be cautious and moderate. Like your own uploaded item, like patting your own back. When you share something, it means you liked it. So you shared. What’s the point of liking it?

Think Before Unfriend any Account:

Occasionally, while clearing an account, most people unfriend very few active people, and when they remember later, they have to send a friend request again, which is embarrassing. One way to avoid the embarrassment mentioned above is not to remove them from your friend’s list, but to create a separate group of them, who can at least monitor your data. If someone puts your friendship request pending, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to make new friends, or you don’t like it. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to give you access to his personal data.

Avoid expressing your feelings openly on Facebook:

If you write something about a friend, and his family finds out, he may be embarrassed. It is better to message him directly instead. Of course, the security on the fee is not so high, but it is up to you, what you post. If others are looking at your highly personal photo or your family photo, it’s not Facebook’s fault. It’s up to you why you posted such a picture. So it’s up to you, how much you share Facebook with your personal data.

Avoid Giving Personal Feedback:

If you are the admin of a page, avoid giving personal feedback, but treat it as impartial. People are there not for you, but for the content that is being shared there.

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