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Some Tips for Getting a Google AdSense Account

Here I will tell you how you can get a Google

  1. AdSense account and how to earn from your website. First of all you need to know, the things you need to get a Google AdSense account.
  2. First of all you have to have a website or blog of your own. If you come up with a website, then there is no problem for you. Take a number dot com or any other domain and take one of the keywords. Add content according to your website and even if you do not want to get your domain and hosting, there is no problem on the internet there are many websites that provide domain name and hosting for free. You can get a domain and hosting from any free site and upload your website there. Even if you do not have a website, you can still earn from Google AdSense. Thousands of people are currently making money on the Internet through blogging and there are many websites that are now providing you with free blogs, the most famous of which are blog spots, Word Press, and a Pakistani website. On which you can get your free blog within a few seconds. And you can easily find a way to create a blog on Google.
  3. Now let’s come to the second step, first of all, if you have developed a number of your website or created your blog on a free website. Now the step will be to look at what kind of content is placed on this website or blog. I would recommend that you take a single topic word and add content accordingly to your website or blog and another important thing to keep in mind is that whatever content you add to your website or blog and must be in English as Google does not approve websites in Urdu for Google AdSense.
  4. Third and importantly, if your website or blog is included in the Google search index, if someone searches on Google then your website should also be included in search results. If you have created a blog then it is not a problem. Because Google automatically indexes blogs, in addition to .com, .NET or other top-level domain names, Google also automatically adds them to its index. But if you’ve set up your website on a free hosting server, you’ll need to add your own site to Google, which is how you go to // Fill out a small form according to the website and submit it to Google. In a few days, your website will be included in the Google index. Also you will be registered on various forums on the Internet and there you can introduce your website. Get it done and add your website address to your signatures. Also Google will add your website to its index within a few days.

Reasons to close Google AdSense account

  1. Never click on your Ads. In the beginning, due to low income, most consumers click on their own aids, displaying selflessness. Google closes your account by sending an email that mentions Invalid Click.
  2. Google blocks your account even if you put it on a site with AIDS sex, drugs, hacking, and gaming.
  3. Never place your AIDS on Think Us, Registration, etc. as the user starts clicking on the AIDS without seeing anything. However, if these pages have informational content, you can add them.
  4. Creating more than one account blocks Google accounts. Because one website or one account is more than enough.
  5. One of the main reasons why a Google Account is closed is that people often click with their friends, which lets them know where more clicks are coming from. It was heard that some people have begun the click exchange, which all together click on each other’s aids. This is why accounts are blocked.

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