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Some Queries Regarding Blogs and Websites

  • Which of the following is more beneficial?
  • What is meant by profit, is it possible to make more money from a blog or from a website?
  • Which of the two is more important, and why?

It is better to understand the nature, structure, and purpose of both before asking these questions.

A website is actually a collection of online web pages, a general term, meaning any combination of web pages on any domain on the Internet, but it has a traditional structure. Is, on the basis of which we consider the blog separate from the website.

Here are some of the main points of the site as a whole:

  1. The website has a number cover or home page, which opens in different sections or sections of the website.
  2. Website pages do not have a comment box.
  3. The date or author’s name does not appear on the website pages.
  4. Websites usually provide basic information about a business or company.
  5. The website has sections on services, FAQs, pricing, and blogs.

Here are some important suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Blog posts appear with the date and author’s name.
  2. The blog is updated frequently, while the website is not updated as such.
  3. The blog has a comment box from which the reader can express his opinion in the comment box.
  4. Blogs usually do not contain services or business information.

Also, keep in mind that today’s news sites are, in fact, blogs. They update thousands of times faster than a normal blog, and the reason is that there is a new news every ten minutes. You name it the third form after the website and blog site, the news site. It also has a separate blog box.

Types of Blogs:

There are usually two types of blogs. The blog will be on either single niche or multi-niche. We don’t even find blogs here, especially in Urdu, which are written on only one topic.

What kind of blog should you start that works for you?

Considering that in the last two to two and a half years, not one or two in a row, but dozens of websites and news sites have come to the fore in Urdu. There are also many who have recently taken a U-turn and given up on their website. The owners of some popular websites contacted me personally and complained that these developers are very duplicitous. As much revenue is generated from the website. He is not able to be encouraged to go further, and some complain that there is traffic but do not know how to generate revenue.

I have already written in detail, that in order to make money from a website, a blog, etc., you must have a consistent revenue generation policy and planning. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. So, I will just cross all the boundaries of online revenue generation. The illusion is that profits can only come from traffic.

Understand two things:

If you really want to generate revenue, the most important thing is to gather people with a clear set of interests. How will this happen? This will only happen when your topic is fixed, and this can only be done on a blog. Create a blog.  Create an audience that you can read daily by inserting the blog address into the browser’s address bar. And the funny thing is, even whites haven’t been able to find a better way to engage people.

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