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SEO Refers To How Social Media Activities Can Boost

You often see Facebook content on social media, with cartoons, photographs and writings presenting content intended to spread chaos as well as defame sacred beliefs and personalities. You must be curious as to who are the people who post this kind of posts. When you look at their accounts, groups and pages, you will be surprised to find that they have a large number.

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It would be surprising for you to know whether such a large number of people really like writing content and have friends or followers of such accounts, as well as being included in such groups and like pages. Likewise, there are a large number of networks on social media that engage in blasphemy. And spreading lateness as a campaign while misunderstandings about sacred figures and social media beliefs are spreading. You may be wondering how people become millions of followers by becoming part of the writing ID page or group. If you start reviewing IDs, groups and pages like this, you may be surprised how many you have chosen yourself.

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When you look at the old postings for these pages and groups, it is likely that all of this is happening under a thorough plan. Plain iron young people are fooled. They are played with emotion and their enthusiasm is used. Such groups. Here’s how the old posting of IDs and pages would be. Then a few months later a posting will start that our country is being persecuted, it is wrong in our society but the army is good, one political leader is bad while the other is good? We must protect the country. After a while there is a new direction that nothing is right, postings in which political leaders and especially social media political leaders postings so that followers fight and get more and more debated.

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When a page, group or ID becomes quite popular and its number of follower’s increases, people will start to question the content of the liberal and secular class of social media material. Why is this so? Why is that so?? Is religion being exploited in the name of religion? What are social media leaders doing? Being fooled in the name of religion?? In fact, we should come to the religion.

At this stage you are removed from the social media class and advised, rather the idea is made that the whole class is wrong and you do not have to go to anyone but to be a researcher yourself and do all the research yourself. Links to this are starting to give. Likewise, posts promoting communalism are shared. The values ​​of one profession are criticized by another, criticism from one party to another is compounded by problems. In addition to presenting social media parties, clerics in a very negative role, the fire of communalism is exacerbated so that people are different from religion and social media class. If anyone disagrees, then he is ignorant.

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People who dislike posts in the meantime and give counter comments also benefit them as the page rating increases and their message is actually getting public. By that time the number of page likes, members, etc. has been in the millions. Now the admin who wants to share, now the original abusive content and anti-Islam posting begins and spreads rapidly. Reaches a large number of people.

Now they see the spectacle. Some serious people and social media people get upset and disagree with the comments. They get answers to fake accounts and prolong the debate. The young minds of raw minds are hunted. Many young people who do not have much social media knowledge are already distinguished from the social media class. They fall into the trap and are fascinated by these posts, and thus become a community that is growing rapidly in our larger educational institutions and in the younger generation, liberalism, secularism and atheism

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