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Search Engine; Google is a victim of ‘human error’

On Saturday, Google, the leading Internet search engine engineer, reportedly encountered a technical error and the searchers failed to access the websites they wanted through Google. During the daytime on Saturday, everyone who tried to find something through Google got the same answer: This website may harm your computer.

People who clicked on their desired website despite the caveat, found the answer: ‘Choose another website’. The Google organization says the error was caused by a “human error” and that users using the Internet were exposed for 40 minutes. “It was purely an individual’s technical fault,” says Marissa Mayer, a senior Google official. Google’s search works in conjunction with a website called ‘Stop Badware’, whose job it is to alert users about malicious or virulent websites. The list of suspicious websites is then provided to Google to help him organize his search list.

When Google was setting up its search list on Saturday, all websites were mistakenly designated as ‘dangerous websites’, causing problems for Google users. Marissa Mayer says the matter will be investigated and it will be ensured that this will not happen in the future.

Google has to ‘give details’

A court in the United States has instructed search engines Google to provide details for all users who watch the video on YouTube.

The decision is part of a legal battle between Google and a company named Viacom in a copyright infringement case. The digital rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has termed the decision a ‘blow to privacy rights’. These details include details of users’ log-in IDs, computer’s IP address and video file. These details will now be provided to Viacom.

Viacom has alleged that copyright infringement is rampant on YouTube. However, the court rejected Viacom’s request that Google hand over the ‘source code’ of YouTube. The court said the code was a “trade secret” or a trade secret that must be kept confidential.

However, the court also said that Google’s reservations about handing over those details to Viacom were speculative. The decision will give Viacom access to the Internet preferences of millions of users using YouTube.

Google’s Core Processor:

There are many components to this Cory processor. Which also includes the user’s interface fee. PageRank is a Google system that ranks web pages. The page that gets the highest rating is ranked at the top. Google is always careful to rank the web pages of the best and best content in the page rank.

In addition, Google uses some machine learning techniques. For example, if someone makes a mistake in typing a word into Google’s search box, Google corrects it and shows related webpages. This makes its search engine performance even better, and then Google is the top choice of the people.

There are three main areas of Google that maintains a parallel and high performance. Google Boot, a web server that searches web pages. An indexer, which arranges every word of every page in its largest database. The Cory processor, which compares your search query to the Index, and then displays the corresponding postage minutes that correspond to the search. Google Boat, Google Web Server Google Boat is an automatic Google web server. Which searches for pages from the web and hands them to Google Indexer. Google Boot comes with many computer on-demand web pages. It is very fast. Google Bot searches web pages in * two ways *

First, visit this link by entering the URL:

Second, go to the web and find links yourself

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