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Role of Digital Marketing Activities in Commercialization

Nowadays the most involved in media and TV programs is marketing and commercialization. Marketing and socialization have always been the need of the media but now they have full control. The definition of marketing has been started by media houses and companies in their own way. Which program is most in demand or will meet the needs of the media house and production company financially? Marketing, which was once intended for the audience, is now used by people who set the market (channels and production companies). They have their own interests, so what is in their heart is shown.

The Product Commercialization

Production companies and media recording companies, artists, writers and producers have always needed each other. Both were essential to each other. In the past, big names used to lend their art to the public, and production companies also got commercial and financial benefits from their art, so film and TV director, writer and artist made their name and work. Build your marketing world, create big names that have a long list.

The Commercialization Processes for Complex Innovation

In the beginning, most of production was its own. For the first time in the 90’s, private channels and recording companies began production. After 2001 many private channels, mostly news channels and some internet channels, started functioning. No Entertainment Channel has achieved the success that News Channel has achieved (News Channel has become a major source of entertainment). Breaking News, which sometimes used to listen to occasional and important events, came about every five minutes, so the race for Breaking News and the first to broadcast news and take credit was begun. After news of the news channels, the most important and major sector prime time shows, which air until 11pm, are the source of ratings and popularity, with most anchors sitting around like a rooster. Fights and just pushes in the middle. The trend is such that some people who want to program it, follow the same trend again after a couple of programs. Some people went to the field and started the program, but for one it is very rare and the other is the same. If it were, experts should be called in and opinions were sought and politicians should call on their position and government members for policy and explanation. But there are very few anchors and very few programs that attempt to identify the right problems. Some channels initially hosted good debates, documentaries and lightweight entertainment programs that have now become theaters, but now, with political parties in polarization, channels have also taken a position.

Advertising Strategy

Recreational information programs, literary and science and cultural programs, which were features of entertainment channels, have diminished. Previously on one channel, drama (on the subject of religion, culture, science, innovation, arts, entertainment and history) was seen in the drama (separate story, drama, rise and fall). Now all the channels have the same and the same topic, Sasu Bahu’s quarrels and relatives’ conspiracies, which has now been reduced to a channel that copied this idea from Star Plus. Big plays, curtains, designing, sarees, jewelery, plays were launched for this business advertisement. There is nothing like it here and there, the film industry is huge and they present different topics in their stories.

What does Digital Marketing Entail?

We have neither a research nor research center at the government level nor any of the channels where people sit or organize programs according to their opinions through surveys. Nowadays it can be easily checked through social media. Pemra’s job is mostly from news regulation. (This is a separate discussion on the role of Pemra) The rest of the program has action due to social media or some pressure, they are also said to remove content. The example of the morning shows is public. Some Morning Shows were initially good, but they are still under the influence of Morning Shows Marketing Program.

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