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Online Marketing Trends and Deception

The Internet has made it easier for people to interact with a variety of issues, which is why the use of the Internet worldwide is increasing rapidly over time. Transfer and payment of money was a big problem for businessmen and people, people had to go through the marketing cycle but now with internet they have solved all these problems. Online marketing allows people to use their bank account on their own. Use the Internet to transfer funds, account balance checks, bank statements, check details, prepaid transactions, loan statements, money payments, money transfers and bill payment processing anytime.

How to check online deception through banks

The online system has also been welcomed by the government and its institutions. Consumers can now deposit or withdraw money from any other branch through an inter branch transaction. Mostly Bank has recently launched several IT projects to make the country the most advanced bank in terms of technology. At present, a project called Core Marketing System is being implemented which is one of the major IT projects in Whole world and includes all marketing functions. Apart from government banks, non-government banks like Summit, Faisal Bank, Standard Chartered Bank are also providing online marketing.

WASA has launched an online marketing system to pay water bills. With the benefit of online marketing, consumers can pay bills at home through the Internet. In addition, several government and non-governmental organizations have opened online billing and marketing.

Advantages and Disadvantages on Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is slowly becoming more and more a necessity. Prior to internet marketing, many quick facilities were considered impossible, but now they have become a commonplace thing. Along with the promotion of Internet marketing, there are also risks that were extinct before Internet marketing. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, Internet marketing has its advantages as well, but these losses can be avoided with a little caution.


As in the world, where the number of Internet users is increasing, cybercrime cases have also increased. According to FIA cybercrime unit sources, the number of cybercrime cases in Whole world has increased manifold over the past four years. It is estimated that the number of Internet users in Whole world is almost double. Apart from the Internet, mobile phones, ATM credit cards, online marketing are also being introduced with innovative new packages, which are also increasing the incidence of cybercrime with citizens. At present, cybercrime criminals all over the world are trying to discourage citizens in new ways, but now they are increasing in comparison to other diagrams. Cybercrimes in Whole world are taking place in various forms, including cyber phonography, e-mail and web site hacking, anti-leakage property crimes, viruses and Trojan attacks, money laundering through computers, password stealing and fraud in online marketing. Or using credit cards), stealing data or information from electronic forms and so on. According to FIA sources, 40 government and non-government websites including the President of the House, the Supreme Court of Whole world were also hacked. Keep the following tips in mind to use the Internet Marketing facility safely.

How to Avoid Deception from Online Marketing

Always access the bank’s website through your saved bookmarks or direct typing. Avoid using links in email, SMS or other digital documents that appear to be secure. It is not necessary that the link appearing in the email or SMS should also direct you to the same website. Fake emails are a great way to access your account through illegal means. Before using your ID and password make sure that the bank website is properly secured and a verification security certificate is also in place. Modern web browsers make sure you have all of these things in place, so trust your browser and monitor its various signals and keep them fully informed when accessing sensitive data. There are several ways that secure websites can be viewed. You can check the certificate by double-clicking a lock on the far right in the browser’s status bar.

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