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Now Make Money On Facebook With Videos Like YouTube

Facebook has recently announced the launch of a new service, called Facebook for Creators. There are already many ways to make money on Facebook, such as making money from the Facebook audience network by showing ads on Android or iPhone applications or making money by showing ads in your website articles through Facebook Instant Articles. But Facebook has recently announced the launch of a new service, called Facebook for Creators.

How it Works:

Facebook for Creators will work like YouTube’s Creator Studio, allowing users to edit their videos. The iOS application of Facebook for Creators has been launched, while the Android application is in the process of preparation.

Facebook’s new service will run ads when uploading videos or broadcasting live videos, with 55 per cent of the proceeds going to video makers.

Qualification criteria:

Facebook for Creators is currently being tested. Therefore, there are no final eligibility criteria—people in Western countries who have been invited to test this service. The eligibility criteria for them is that a profile or page that has at least 2,000 followers and is viewed live by at least 300 people at a time is considered eligible. The same eligibility criteria will remain or change even when the service is fully launched. There are currently no reports in this regard.

How to join Facebook for Creators:

To join Facebook for Creators, visit

Log in here and join this service by giving your email address and link of YouTube channel, Instagram or Twitter ID. Because Facebook is currently launching this service on a trial basis. That’s why people from certain countries are being included. Facebook may have started in part so that after joining, people can increase their followers and create videos and come live to mentally prepare their audience. As soon as this service starts regularly, then it will be available for everyone.

Advertising breaks can be taken every five minutes in live videos, which will consist of fifteen seconds. And the viewer will not be able to skip it.

How to Create a Video:

In addition, users can put a Video Creator theme on their Facebook page, which is made for video creators. To add a video creator theme to your page, go to page settings and select a theme. After that, videos can be edited in the Publishing Tools of the page and thumbnail tags and descriptions can be given to them just like YouTube. Not only that but now free music for creators is also being provided by Facebook, which allows users to add music to their videos from the free music library.

This music library is also available in the Facebook Page Publishing Tools. Remember, this music can only be used for free on Facebook, sharing it on other websites will fall into the category of copyright.

Some Things Facebook Users Should Know:

The popularity of Facebook is not hidden from anyone. Everyone enjoys using Facebook day and night. While various companies are using Facebook to promote their products, many negative elements are also active on Facebook. We have a lot of people who keep being stupid on Facebook. You need to be careful when using Facebook.

Facebook is free and will always be free. People who are bothered by messages asking to pay should know that it is either a means of return or a joke. Using Facebook is absolutely free, but advertising requires money from Facebook. If anyone asks for money other than the Facebook administration, consider it a fraud.

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