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How to Promote Your Products on Instagram

In this article we will learn about the marketing on Instagram. How can we promote our products on Instagram? If you also want to use Instagram for marketing your product, you should read this article complete.

Instagram Marketing Step by Step

First of all we will open the Instagram Account Page. When it will open, we create the business page on it. For creating business page we will go into setting. After that we will click on ‘switch to Business account’. Then we will click on continue. There you will select your desire business category. If you are doing local business, then you will click on local business. After that click on NEXT button. If you not attach your Facebook account to the Instagram page then this page will ask you to enter Facebook ID and password. After this step your all Facebook pages will show on Instagram. Create your Facebook page name. Like if the name of your Facebook page is American Diamonds. Click on it. You will see that, on the screen it will display your Facebook page American Diamond is linked with your business profile. Then we will click on ‘Go to Profile’. Then your business profile page will appear on your screen.

How to Edit your Page

If you want to ‘Edit’ your page, by clicking on ‘Edit’ you will do this step also. In it you will also change your business page name. If you are having any website you can add it on this option. On the Bio Option your will add business description in it. You can tell the people that why you have created this business page. As the same you will edit more information in it.

How to Upload the Product on Instagram

First of all you have to select the desire product, which you want to upload. By selecting the filter on the image, you can make that image more attractive. Make sure one thing that if you want to upload anything must add hashtag on it. Hashtag plays very important role to increase the reach on Instagram. When you upload your product on Instagram, must add image related hashtag on it. After uploading the image which type of location you want to target you can, by selecting the desire location. You can also tag other people with your post and share your page or post on other websites like Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp.

How to Promote your Instagram Page

By clicking on promote, you can choose the option ‘more profile visits’. By this method you can target the Audience also. In this option you can select the gender option in it along their ages.

Budget and Duration Option

In this option you can set your budget and duration option according to your product post. For how much duration you want to set your post, you can select the duration on it.

After all these setting you have to preview your page setting once, and click on create promotion. By using all these method your product will promote.

On Instagram story, by adding any product you have to add attraction caption on it, by reading this caption viewers will surely attract to your post.

Instagram is one of that product, on which you can promote your product and business without paying single penny. If you are running any type of business like, bakery, make up , jewelry or any food business, you can promote this business on Instagram freely.

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