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How do You Optimize you Instagram for SEO

Instagram has finally decided to remove the feature from the application, which lets users keep track of each other’s activities. According to a report, Instagram has decided to remove the Following tab, one of its most popular features. If you are not aware of this feature then it is exposed to the user the new likes and comments of the people they are following. It can also be seen how many new accounts his followers have added to his feed. This can be found in the Heart tab or the Like section, where you see the likes and new followers of your account.

The decision to remove the following tab from Instagram

Many people complain that they see their friends’ interests too much in the Following tab, and they also know what they do in the app, which can sometimes be embarrassing. According to Vishal Shah, the product head of Instagram, people are often unaware that their activities are like this. So they are often surprised to learn this and decided to remove it, in order to simplify the app. According to the report, the tab will start disappearing this week, but some users have been missing it since August.

This tab was added to Instagram in 2011 to allow people to discover new accounts and photos, but now the Discover tab in the app works much better. A new feature has been introduced on the social app Instagram which allows for immediate reporting of suspicious or misleading posts. Under this new feature, the Facebook administration has added a new option to the Instagram screen. Under this option called “Report”, users can prevent false news from going viral. This option can be used in the event of any inaccurate, unwanted or suspicious content on any post. Clicking on this option will bring up another option called “misinformation” which will be used by third parties on Instagram to confirm the news. The Facebook administration says the feature will be available to all users by the end of this month.

What’s new with WhatsApp and Instagram?

According to the spokesperson Facebook, we have been active on Instagram to prevent false news from going viral and huge investments are being made for this purpose. The Instagram feature that everyone was waiting for, Earlier in February 2019, a new feature on sensitive content was also introduced that allowed thumbnails of objectionable photos and videos. Only people who open this post can see it.

Facebook-owned Instagram has begun testing the feature of direct messaging on the website. Good news for Instagram users is that they will now be able to create direct messaging from the website, the company has added direct messaging features. Introduced on a test basis and will be brought to the public after the experiment.

Hashtags affect SEO

The company said in a statement that the process of direct messaging from the website is currently undergoing a trial phase whereby users will be able to send and receive direct message from the website. The year was allowed after which the direct messaging feature was started. Another new feature for users has been introduced after the recent caption for photo sharing on the social site Instagram. With this new feature, Insta users will be able to share multiple photos in stores instead of one.

Google Index Instagram

According to a company spokesperson, this new feature is named as the layout under which the collage facility is being introduced. Earlier, only one photo could be shared in a frame in InstaStory, but thanks to the layout, users could replace one. Will be able to share 6 photo collages. Now users who create collages using another app can easily share it in the store with the layout features of Instagram. In addition to the layout this year, new filters, throwback posts, caption features and more have been introduced to Instagram users this year.

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