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How buyers are deceived by fake online reviews

According to 44-year-old Evan Taylor, he writes fake online reviews in exchange for money and free products. He said, “I wrote reviews for incredible movies ranging from incredible creams to eBooks and downloaded free movies.” Ein Taylor added, “I think this is bad, but I think everyone is doing it.” “Ever since I started writing reviews online, I have told my family and friends not to trust them.” He added, “If you want to buy something, you need more research. Instead of looking at ‘Five Star’ reviews on Amazon, Ian Taylor says the authors are paid to buy the product and then to review for, meaning that it can be verified Reviews.

‘Over-Reliance on Statistics’

A woman working at a popular pub in Nottingham who does not want to be identified writes fake online reviews about her restaurant. “I feel there’s a lot of pressure on Facebook, Google or Trip Advisor to get positive reviews,” he said. Review what I found ridiculous. ‘Full of reviews.

Amazon is quoting that they are using fake technology to remove fake reviews. Amazon said in a statement that it invested in ‘significant resources’ to protect its review system because’ we know the importance and insights of customers and value the experiences shared by other customers.

‘You Can’t Win’

In a bungalow in the West York Shire, a company has decided not to use reviews from other websites because of the risk of counterfeit reviews of websites. Helena Grovitz, marketing head of a company called Feature Radiators, says: “We work in a really good and good industry.” Are. Helena Grovitz added: ‘We have talked about this, do we need to go down that path? But my mentors are too many, we don’t want to. It is immoral, it is not true. ‘

Lack Of Trust In Online Shopping

Even verified online reviews can be tricky. Some clients fear that their personal data may be used to obtain fake certified reviews. By the name of ‘brushing’, the go-getter gets the names and addresses of the buyers and sends them goods they did not buy.

In Amazon, it looks like a paper stating that the goods were purchased from the site and handed over. The seller then uses someone else’s details to create a new account that he or she uses for product reviews. Amazon says it is investigating complaints of ‘unsolicited packages’ that violate company policy. Architect Paul Belle believes he can be a target. They received a number of unexpected ‘gifts’ last month, including colors, phone cases, tattoo removal kits and toothpaste sets. He says, “When the first parcel arrived, he was shocked, then I checked with my wife to see if he used my account for the purchase.” That day when the second parcel arrived, I was upset. And then everything’s fine.

The Role of Consumers

Paul Belle says he can’t believe the online seller got his data, but I lost faith in online shopping. ” An Amazon spokesperson added, ‘We Has confirmed that sellers did not receive a name or shopping address from Amazon. ‘

24-year-old Tatelop Ometogen from South London has also been the victim of fake online review writers. One morning last month, they received 50 emails from Amazon thanking them for their review. These posts were made about various items, including a telescope and various screen protectors, all given a five-star rating. He said, “These reviews were very close to the truth, so I think they would have been written by a real person, not a robot.” When they contacted Amazon, they were informed that they seemed to have the account was hacked. They changed their password and they didn’t have any such problems after that.

Natalie Nahi, author of a book called Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Permission, says that online reviews are successful because people prefer to make decisions without trying. They say, “We see such ease when it comes to shopping, especially of goods that can be easily bought.” We have the power to make our decisions through these reviews in someone else’s hands. According to Nahai, if a large number of people have written reviews but the rating is even lower than people will buy such products.

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