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Great Name in the world of Microsoft … Arfa Karim

Just as a human being opens up new paths in his mind, and through his quest for the common man, he does what he recognizes and keeps his name alive until today. They are using the knowledge and inventions that they have given. They say, “Dear men, help God”. The only courage a human has is the desire to do something, the quest to show someone something, to become something, to teach someone to read, to learn. Seeking to understand, to speak, and to move on, a Well, because of the search for human beings, we are benefiting from the many possibilities today, including the advanced use of computers, namely Computer Gates, which brings to mind computer technology, which is not only wide-ranging but also easy-to-use for the general public.

The incoming generations turned their backs on the world, and countless people have stepped into the computer world and made a name for themselves, such a diminutive but determined and energetic alias, Cream Randhawais, that only the youngest of the young age at which children engage in sports. Not just the focus but the extreme Demonstrating this skill, leaving behind his contemporary students, he was honored to become the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the whole world and revealed the name of not only himself and his parents but also the country and nation on which the great daughter of Pakistan. Has raised the pride of Pakistan around the world and informed the world that Pakistan is rich with Goddess talent.

Arfakam did not inherit Randhakoviya’s abilities, but the search for the daughter of the nation took her to a place where the whole world was acquainted with her. Meeting with such a great person as founder Bill Gates was also earned. Bill Gates, who is known for his ten thousand dollar career, did not raise him because he only earned more dollars than he would spend on earning these dollars. , That’s it The great entity, who does not even have a second to spare, gave a special ten-minute meeting with Arfik Karim and encouraged him on Arfah’s abilities, which is a great honor for his parents and his parents. ۔

On January 14, at 9 pm, 50 minutes, a shocking news came out that alias Karim Randhawa, the creator of enlightening Pakistan’s name across the world, was real purple. People will also be saddened to know that thanks to the capabilities of Karim Quan. This news will shock people around the world, including Pakistan, with the shock that this talented daughter of the country has taken on the vast field of computer technology on the brink of extinction. I found a place like my name that the whole world has always been Will hold Mr. Altaf Hussain, the leader of the United National Movement, greatly appreciated the skills of Arfik cream and under his special guidance, Sindh Minister for Information Technology, Mr. Razaharhun, made his ministry’s IT Media City Karachi project on the world’s youngest Microsoft. Named “Arfa Cream IT Medias Pro Jacket”, a positive step by any political party in the history of the country.

Arfa Karim Randhawa was born on February 2, 1995 in Ramdev, a village in the city of Faisalabad, Punjab, at the age of three, and completed the first decade of his life in 2004 at the age of 9, the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Pro. Having earned the honor of being a professional, he gained popularity all over the world. At the invitation of Microsoft and Software Corporation, Arf Karim accompanied his father to the United States, where Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates received his Microsoft Head of Tified App Development Certificate. Just under the age of ten he performed the Pride of They spend the rest of his life to achieve what he has achieved. Sufi Naat Khawani also left behind her peers in such fields as debate and debate. That is why he was awarded the Presidential Award in addition to the Mother Millat Jinnah Gold Medal and the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award 2005. In February 2006, Arfa Karim participated in a conference organized by Microsoft at Barcelona and announced Pakistan’s name on 22 December 2011. Arif Karim, who died suddenly at home, was immediately shifted to the hospital, while suffering from heart failure which left him in a coma. On January 2, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates contacted Arfikam’s parents and expressed his desire to seek Arfakim treatment in the United States. Bill Gates instructs US doctors to take all possible measures for the treatment of opiate cream.

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