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Do Digital Media Facilitate Illicit Financial Flows

Money is the only magic wand in the world in which man can do everything that is not possible by any other means. The way the whole world is wandering about today in pursuit of wealth and making more and more money is not a necessity. Moving from one to another in the lucrative race of making money and money on money has become a part of almost every person’s life, and his obsession has risen to such an extent that man’s pursuit of something is achievable. Can do. He can take the precious life of another human being, sell his faith, destroy other people’s homes, destroy the sanctity of a holy one, and pretend to have sexual misconduct. Kill, oppress, stalk others’ children, or impoverish one’s happy life, they can cross every threshold and fall into every kind of fall and fall. Where no one’s intellect can be reached nor can anyone’s thoughts reach.

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It’s a fact that ever since modern technology has taken root, the world has uncovered its secrets, and social media and the Internet have made the whole world a global village. That no human could ever imagine in previous periods. By simply pressing a button on the Internet today, humans can easily observe everything with their own eyes, an example not found in human history before today. It is known that King Jamshed of Persia had a cup called “Jams Jamshed” in which he could witness the events of the whole world, but I can say with certainty that in today’s modern day ” Jam Jamshed “is not even compatible with the Internet as much as Plato is from Daphstan.

How much Money can you make on Social Media?

Social media (Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, etc.) and most of all, mobile and computer are all good things for God and Almighty Allah, but at present 90% of them are being misused. If that were to be said then it certainly wouldn’t be awkward to say that Android Mobile has given oil work on the Kindle. It is a device that can provide its users with everything that no one else in the world can provide.

After the incident, the social media became well-alert and when they searched and checked more websites, it was discovered that not only one person in India but dozens of people were involved in this dirty and dirty business. They are uploading to pornographic websites, making millions of videos by luring or seducing young girls, widowed women and newly emerging young boys in the country and earning millions in return. It has even been observed and heard that spouses mutually consent to such videos of their marital life, upload it to pornographic websites and are making money on a whim.

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It is not necessary that this type of malicious mischief is growing only with the mutual consent of the young boys and girls, but there is a specific group that is actively promoting the masculinity of the young boys and girls. There are many young boys and girls who are subjected to this kind of sexual violence by indulging in ignorance and neglect, and this is the reason why so many of these are seduced and seduced. Boys and girls do not even go to the police station and file a complaint against the police, saying that they may not upload their sexually explicit videos on the Internet and other pornographic websites. However, several incidents and observations have also been found that in the wake of all these dangers, several affected girls have lodged a complaint in the police station against such a malicious group and have sought justice for themselves.

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