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Digital Media is used for Every Purpose

Social media has become one of the most effective media outlets in the world of communications and is dominating in every field.

It seems that every person in the world who has access to the internet is connecting with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking platform. People use social websites for a variety of needs and reasons, with the trend of using social websites in the context of health issues growing rapidly.

According to a research study, a third of users on social networking sites use these sites to address and address physical and health problems. In this way, it is clear to us that the promotion of social media is bringing about a massive change in the “healthcare industry” which is affecting all individuals and institutions related to this sector, including patients, doctors and hospitals.

Social media is facilitating doctors to stay in touch with patients despite long distances that were not possible in the past years. Sixty-five percent of physicians who take part in the survey say social media has improved patients’ health care standards, according to a survey conducted by US doctors. One of the most important services that social websites serve in this area is that it promotes communication between physicians, the physician and the patient.

Through social websites, patients can ask doctors questions and details about any of their diseases, their treatment and other related issues. It is up to the doctors to respond to them immediately or after a specific time in question. Similarly, through social media tools such as Google Hangouts (a messaging and video chatting platform), doctors can stay in touch with patients in a more direct way than ever before. This open-minded and timely communication makes the patient more satisfied with the doctor and increases his confidence in the medical counselor Messiah.

Healthcare changes through social media will largely depend on how people with various diseases are treating social websites. People with various illnesses around the world are still using social websites, such as Facebook, to get information about their own disease, treatment and prescriptions from one another.

A large number of users carry out the online sharing activity on health posts and with full tastes. According to a study, only 24% of Facebook posts are about health, and 27% of users comment on these posts. This research shows that people rely on these health-related tips and suggestions and show the seriousness of them that are exposed on social media by their friends and family.

One way to provide and receive health information is that patients with a disease create their own group on a website. People who are in this group suffer from similar health problems as the users themselves and their families. In addition to a particular disease, such pages are also about a doctor, modern treatment and medication. These social web pages are also a place where you can get help in the event of an emergency.


These pages and groups not only share the posts of the general user, but also provide information about clinics and medical organizations. Not only are patients connected to each other on social networking sites, but doctors are also connected through these sites. Doctors “follow” their colleagues on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share health, disease and treatment information while keeping in touch.

Not every doctor associated with social networking sites is providing medical content, but each of them seeks to improve their professional ability by reading information provided by other medical professionals and watching videos of this nature. Is. As such, they become acquainted with new medical research efforts, innovative treatment techniques and ideas. In this way, social media is facilitating doctors to become aware of the new trends in their field and to keep themselves updated with the latest research and information.

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