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Digital Marketing And Social Media Have Become Very Important Sources Of Business Growth

In today’s era, digital marketing and social media have become a very important source of business growth. Make full use of technologies such as digital marketing and social media and research institutes, and researchers should play their best role in equipping the country with modern technology. We should take all possible steps for the promotion of information technology.

Role of Information Technology In our Businesses:

Due to lack of adequate funds for science and technology, the country has had to depend on developed countries for technology. However, there is no shortage of resources in the country. “Information technology has changed the way we do business, and it makes it possible to do more in less time,” he said. Information technology has made it much easier for companies to reach their customers. Information technology improves efficiency and increases productivity, which helps business groups grow. In terms of information technology, Asia lags behind countries that lagged far behind many countries a few decades ago.

Social Media is the best Means to Approach Customers:

In today’s modern age digital marketing and social media have become the best means of access to consumers, businesses can not only get more users for their products through these means but also increase their business in less time by contacting them directly. Can expand He urged many businessmen to take full advantage of these aspects of information technology, which will also develop the country’s economy.

In live videos, an ad break can be taken every five minutes, which will consist of fifteen seconds, and the viewer will not be able to skip it. In addition, users can put a Video Creator theme on their Facebook page, which is made for video creators. To add a video creator theme to your page, go to page settings and select a theme. After that, videos can be edited in the Publishing Tools of the page and thumbnail tags and descriptions can be given to them just like YouTube. Not only that, but now free music for creators is also being provided by Facebook, which allows users to add music to their videos from the free music library.

Whatsapp Business Has Solved A Huge Problem For Users.

WhatsApp has introduced some new features on desktop and web, making it easier for users to use the WhatsApp business. According to a report by TechCrunch, last year Facebook Company WhatsApp launched a new app, designed for small business users, also called WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business has been downloaded by 5 million business people on the Play Store. Now the company has made the desktop and web versions of the new app easier for users. The company has updated some features on desktop and web, which were previously only available on mobile.

How to Reply Quickly to the Customer:

Among the tools that have been added to the new features are Organized and Filters Chats. This will make it easier to answer customers’ questions. Quick Reply, formerly known as Business Response, was used to answer pre-questions. Facebook has introduced such a feature many years ago, which was named Seed Reply. In this feature, businessmen could auto-reply to the customer on their page.

WhatsApp Business users can write a Quick Reply message by tracking Quick Reply. In addition, the company has added some features, such as Automated Greeting Message, Post Scheduling, Query, etc.

Why Microsoft’s search engine Bing banned in China:

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has been banned in China following a government order. According to the Financial Times, China’s state-owned telecom company Unicom has confirmed that the government has blocked Nebang. Microsoft immediately declined to comment on the news, but the matter is reportedly being investigated.

If Bing closes in Cochin, it will be the second-largest search engine in the country. In 2010, Google shut down its search engine and other websites for fear of censorship of the free Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo are among the thousands of websites in the West that have been blocked by China’s Great Firefall.

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