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Do Free to Play Games Make Money

Assume life is a computer game, like candy crush. Understand the different stages of the game in your life now. Let’s create a platform for lively discussion, the “game of life”, let’s play. Please understand the tips for the game before playing. The level of difficulty is also different at …

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How To Break Down Other Big Marketing Companies

US regulators are seriously thinking about how to regulate high-powered companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook. There is one simple solution to curbing the power of Big Tech: Break down companies. But breaking down companies is a difficult task, and history suggests that many more solutions are possible. Solution …

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SEO Structure

In today’s article, I will explain why the term search engine is an ongoing process, Such as what words and phrases people use to find your product or service and improve the content on your site. There is no shortcut to search engine optimization (SEO) that can help you improve …

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Why is Digital Marketing Interesting?

Who is the founder of the digital marketing known to the world? Or is it something that very few people know about? Bill Gates is the only human who introduced the world to Microsoft – a component that makes this machine much easier. Could be what we know as digital …

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Online Marketing Trends and Deception

The Internet has made it easier for people to interact with a variety of issues, which is why the use of the Internet worldwide is increasing rapidly over time. Transfer and payment of money was a big problem for businessmen and people, people had to go through the marketing cycle …

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