A Russian Sculptor Creates Miniatures on Pencil Tips, and the Results Are Too Amazing for Words

A Russian artist and sculptor named Salavat Fidai possesses the unique talent of carving tiny sculptures out of pencil tips instead of drawing with them. He pays attention to every small detail and his mini-masterpieces have already conquered the hearts of people all around the world. And his Instagram page that already has an impressive 767,000 followers is even more proof of his incredible talent. Fidai’s sculptures have already been displayed in Los Angeles, Sharjah, London, Singapore, Saint Petersburg, and more. Every person that visits his exhibition gets a magnifying glass in order to be able to see his tiny masterpieces.

viral link is astonished by Salavat Fidai’s outstanding talent and since his videos gained remarkable popularity, we’re eager to share the artist’s stages of creation with you. Our bonus feature at the end will prove that even the most skillful artists make mistakes too!

Want to play the guitar? Look at how difficult the process of creating his miniatures is.

The sculptor has his own YouTube channel where he shows the process of creating miniatures.

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