9 Visual Female Traits That Make Men Lose Their Mind (Spoiler: It’s All Because of Their Instincts)

If you ask a man, what is the first thing they pay attention to when it comes to a woman’s appearance, it’s likely that his answers will be somewhere around breasts, hips, or smile. In fact, the habit of thinking that big breasts have a priority is only a stereotype; it’s other parts of the female appearance that attract the opposite sex and this fact has been proven by many researchers. Additionally, this attractiveness doesn’t come from a simple surface perception but from deep biological processes.

viral link has studied this question thoroughly and chose the most frequent female traits that are mentioned in the answers of the masculine gender. Additionally, we have figured out exactly why it’s these features that attract them.

1. Long hair

According to research, men prefer women with long, thick, and shiny hair. Turns out, they subconsciously consider this an indicator of good health, vital energy, and even a sign of fertility.

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