9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Sometimes understanding women becomes an uphill task because their strict “yes” might actually mean “no,” while a confident “no” might mean “yes.” In order to understand these contradictions and learn to understand the representatives of the beautiful half better, we’ve decided to delve into the depths of their minds.

viral link asked the female part of our editorial staff to tell us what they really like, but would never admit to in public.

1. “When I’m looked at.”

We, women like it when people check us out. For example, when wearing our favorite dress with our hair perfectly done, we confidently walk down the street, and we like when men look back at us to see, once again, how beautiful we are. We even like that annoying whistle from the passing car, to some extent. All these boost our self-esteem and guarantee a smile on our face.

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