8 Symptoms of Hidden Depression That Everyone Can Experience

Depression is a very serious disease. It can be confused with ordinary fatigue, but it also can hide under excessive workaholism or, on the contrary, feigned happiness. Sadness, a lack of initiative, and loss of physical and moral strength are just a few features of this sickness.

Only a doctor can diagnose depression correctly, but you can notice this emotional disorder on your own.

viral link decided to explore some less obvious symptoms of depression that can help to avoid its negative consequences.

8. Philosophical thoughts

People who suffer from hidden depression usually try to talk about philosophical topics using abstract sentences. “Such things always happen to me,” instead of, “I don’t get enough sleep.” “There is no sense in it,” instead of, “I think I need to use another variant.” As a rule, depressed people like to talk about the meaning of life, and they do it all the time. And their words are often abstract and vague. Psychologists say that the more definite a person’s thoughts are, the more chances they have to be happy.

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