8 Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy Home Can Reveal About Us

Whether you love or hate cleaning is more than just a personality quirk. You can already tell something about a person just by looking at how they do the dishes and where they store their clothes. By paying more attention to the way you organize the space around you, you can learn a whole lot more about your personality. The same works for other people. If you want to try to get a read on someone new that you’ve met, just pay a visit to their home.

We at viral linkthink that it’s always useful to learn something new about ourselves and other people. So here are some of the most popular everyday habits people have and the psychological features that they reveal.

1. All their junk is hidden in drawers, closets, and boxes.

At first sight, their apartment or room might seem perfect: a clean floor, books arranged in a neat fashion, appropriate wallpaper… But once you take a look inside a kitchen drawer or a shelf in the closet, you might see broken scissors or pens, old credit cards, or crumpled clothes.

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