30+ Facts About the Most Popular Movie Clan You Probably Didn’t Even Know Was a Family

What do the clown Pennywise, Flóki, Tarzan, and Bill Bootstrap have in common? The actors that played these roles are members of the same family. There are more Skarsgårds that you think. The father Stellan has 7 sons, 4 of whom are actors. And the 5th son looks exactly like Bill, who played the clown Pennywise in It.

viral link decided to tell you about this famous Swedish family and collected some curious facts about the Skarsgårds.

An ancestor of the clan, Jan Skarsgård, made this last name up. In the 40s, in Sweden, there were a lot of identical last names: too many Nilsons, Johnsons, Johanssons, so the government encouraged people to make new last names. Jan had the idea to create Skarsgård.

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