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Some Queries Regarding Blogs and Websites

Which of the following is more beneficial? What is meant by profit, is it possible to make more money from a blog or from a website? Which of the two is more important, and why? It is better to understand the nature, structure, and purpose of both before asking these …

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What Is E-Business?

Introduction: “E-business” can be simply introduced to the business of doing business through the Internet. The world’s first website was launched in 1989, and e-business was launched in 1992, just three years later. In fact, the history of technology is that it is usually the first business sector to use …

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What Are DNS Servers, And How Do They Work?

Introduction: Just as every home has an address, so every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address, without which this computer cannot be reached through the Internet. When we want to access a website on a computer (The webserver), we also need an IP address, whether the computer …

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How To Get A Low-Cost Online Shop?

Introduction: There is a trend of buying and selling online nowadays, which is increasing day by day. From large to a small level, every brand and organization is providing its customers with the facility of displaying products online and ordering from home through e-commerce websites. E-Commerce: An E-commerce website or …

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