11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

While it may seem like only the people that act negativity are “toxic,” that’s not always the case. We all probably have that “friend” who wishes only the best for us, but suddenly gets upset when we achieve something. Or the people who behave like they know everything. If you feel that something is off, you might not be overreacting. So it’s better to be able quickly spot the people who can poison your life.

viral link understands that we’re surrounded by different types of people and sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether their behavior is manipulative or if you’re being too sensitive. But if you feel that communicating with them is only hurting you, it’s better to make sure they don’t belong to one of these 11 types of poisonous people.

1. Highly opinionated people

While having an opinion and standing up for it is a good trait, sometimes people act like their opinion is the only thing that matters. Opinionated people can easily cross their boundaries and start giving unsolicited advice. They rarely consider the feelings of others or worry that they’re hurting someone with their remarks.

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