10 Situations When We Lose Our Common Sense and Buy Useless Stuff

All of us have probably experienced situations where we’ve entered a grocery store to buy bread and left with bags full of different foods. And we’re lucky if bread was among those foods, otherwise, we had to go back to the store again. Why does this happen?

At Viral Link, we’ve put together major examples of people buying things different from what they intended to buy as well as methods on how to prevent this kind of behavior.

Diderot effect

Diderot effect is the term for when you buy something new, but then it makes your other possessions look worn out by comparison, so you end up replacing them too. This is a never-ending process because every new thing will soon turn into an old one and will require a replacement again.

This effect was named after the French philosopher Denis Diderot. He was never rich but he once received a big amount of money and bought a gorgeous scarlet dressing gown. This item of clothing was so different from his other clothes that it forced him to replace all his old clothes with new ones.

How can you fight this?

Before you make a purchase, try to understand whether you connect any hopes and expectations to it. For example, do you want to buy a smartphone to always be connected and to do more work, or because you dream of getting a promotion and earning more money? Wouldn’t it be more effective to reconsider your attitude toward your work?

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