10 Celebrities Who Wore the Same Outfit More Than Once and Looked Amazing

Celebrities are under constant public pressure and commitment and this fact forces them to always look a certain way. There is an unspoken rule saying that public people shouldn’t wear the same clothes twice — it’s considered bad manners. However, there are people who ignore this rule and don’t find it shameful to appear in the same attire in public several times. If you like a dress and feel comfortable wearing it, why not put it on again?

viral link remembered 10 cases when celebrities repeated the same look at different events and felt wonderful.

1. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi looked stunning in this red dress by J. Mendel in 2018 at the Emmy Awards ceremony. However, for some people, this image looked familiar. All because Padma had already shown up in this dress in 2017 at the Vogue India Women of the Year Award. The actress explained her choice of attire by the fact that time and work spent creating this dress deserves that it be worn again and again. For Lakshmi, wearing it will show how valuable it is.

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